• Corporate area

    Expert advice is provided in all stages in the life of the company, such as constitution, amendment and dissolution, definition of relations between shareholders, between them and the Company, and between the Company and corporate bodies. Professionals also take positions on the boards of joint stock companies and limited companies, in compliance with Professional Law, as members of Boards of Statutory Auditors and Independent Auditors.

  • Financial statements and audits

    The Firm provides advice and assistance in the preparation of financial statements of companies, consortiums, commercial and non-commercial entities and groups, as well as the drafting of budgets and budgetary analysis which is laid out in a specific way for each company. The Firm’s professionals, as Auditors, can become members of the Boards of Statutory Auditors or Independent Auditors.

  • Extraordinary operations

    The Firm assists its clients in company mergers and acquisition, demergers, transformations, transfers, conveyances, creation of corporate and/or contractual joint ventures. The Firm also performs due diligence activities required by those operations.

  • Taxation and tax litigation

    The Firm provides advice and assistance in matters of taxation. Services are also provided in terms of national and international tax planning both with regard to companies and corporate groups as well as for individuals. As part of pre-litigation assistance and measures to avoid litigation the Firm carries out the following activities:

    • Drafting of reasoned opinions;
    • Representation and assistance following tax audits;
    • Self−defence petitions;
    • Ordinary appeal and for exemption from anti-avoidance rules;
    • Tax assessment;
Claim and mediation;
    • Judicial conciliation.

  • Business strategy

    Through detailed business analysis and scheduling, continuous advice is provided to the entrepreneur who wants to improve the performance of his company by defining objectives to be achieved and the path to follow to reach them.

  • Internationalisation

    Consultancy is provided directly by the associates and partners with the scope of accompanying Italian companies in foreign markets and foreign companies to Italy, by conducting market research, research of local collaborators and partners countries, corporate, contractual, fiscal and strategic advice aimed at establishing representative offices, permanent establishments and resident companies, advice for the drafting of collaboration agreements and joint ventures, both corporate and contractual, with local partners, the preparation of business plans, budgets and memoranda of investment. The Firm also provides advice on import and export activities for goods and services and for obtaining the necessary certifications in the target countries. For the provision of these services, the Firm uses an international network of professionals selected throughout its many years in business. The countries in which it has greater professional abilities are Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the Russian Federation, Japan, Qatar, the Republic of China, Singapore and Switzerland.

  • Management and administration control

    The Firm is able to provide all management control tools, from strategic plans to cost calculation systems, from budgeting systems to the most advanced control systems such as the Balanced scorecard, ABC, target costing, etc., inserting them in organisational contexts that actually use them in business management to make quick decisions based on correct information and objective data. It is not just the tools that are made available but also specific solutions for clients, such as support in the technical, IT, organisational implementation and in the training of the individuals who will be the actors and users of the measurement tools for the improvement of company performance, to ensure that the organisational effort brings concretely measurable results over time. If required the Firm’s professionals are able to support the company in the roles of temporary managers. The approach comes from the knowledge of the economic, strategic and market environment of the company as well as from the organisation in place to propose ways for improvement by operationally coaching company collaborators. In other words, the Firm supports the company in the implementation of a management control system suitable to a single need, but always with an eye to the costs to be incurred in relation to the expected results.

  • Development, training and coaching of company management

    Often the reason for the decline in a company’s performance is due to organisational issues. A company can be grown by product and market complexity or by the size of the business and its geographical locations, or can still be in a difficult time of generational change. A company could find itself in a situation where it is no longer able to understand the needs of a market and of customers in a changing environment, or else is constantly repeating the same paths although in search of new solutions. The experience of the Firm’s professional network enables us to understand the specific problems and propose paths for their solutions. Paths that not only indicate where you could go, but also provide the skills and human resources capable of temporarily managing the process of change. In particular, the Firm offers the following services:

    • Analysis of organisational and market environments;
Identification of critical success factors;
Identification of solution paths and required resources;
    • Availability for managerial coaching of company personnel;
    • Temporary management for the temporary cover of organisational positions;
Specialist and managerial training for company roles and functions.

  • Administrative, fiscal and statutory obligations

    The Firm provides the following services:

    • Book keeping and accounting;
    • Relationship with the Chamber of Commerce and the Public Register of Commerce;
    • Domiciliation of Companies and Entities;
    • Tax returns.

  • Personnel management and payrolls

    The Firm offers a personnel management service to its clients, advice on specific employment and contract law as well as the payrolls.

  • Contractual consultancy

    The Firm is able to assist its clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the purchase and sale of goods of any nature, of companies and shareholdings, arrangement of property interests whether family or corporate (including the establishment of trusts and the management of generational transitions), leases, rentals and loans, agencies, distribution, corporate or contractual joint ventures, etc. The Firm also assists its clients in the evaluation of contracts brought to its attention, such as leases, mortgages and loans, etc.

  • Evaluation of companies and shareholdings

    The Firm deals with the evaluation of companies and shareholdings in any type of company even connected with extraordinary operations. Where required the Firm’s professionals can assert under oath their expert appraisal both at the request of the client or when required by law.

  • Company restructuring and assistance in bankruptcy proceedings

    The Firm supports clients in evaluations and negotiations with the purpose of restructuring companies or their debts, facilitating the entry of new partners, discharging activities, accessing bankruptcy procedures. It also provides consultancy during the pre−bankruptcy stage, studying ways to resolve the crisis graded in relation to the state of the crisis that the company is in, with particular reference to insolvency (non-judicial) and bankruptcy (judicial) measures, for the protection of companies, particularly, with reference to the Bankruptcy Law.

  • Non−profit entities

    The Firm is able to assist Non-commercial entities in general and Amateur Sports Associations (ASD) particularly in the constitution phase, following all obligations related to accounting and fiscal management, and has specific skills in guiding sports bodies in the array of the specific regulations concerning sport.

  • Wills, successions, generational transitions

    The Firm provides advice on inheritance matters in general, such as arrangements between heirs, assistance on the drafting of wills and the management of the inheritance. In addition written statements of succession are drafted with the relevant support.