Since 1995 Studio Austoni Pizzetti provides services and consultancy through partners in Italy and abroad.

Studio Austoni Pizzetti was established in 1995 from an idea of Marco Pizzetti and Michele Austoni with the aim of providing, mainly to businesses, consultancy in the corporate area, in business strategy, internationalisation, management control, development/training/coaching of management, in the field of taxation, administration and accounting.

The Firm has gradually evolved acquiring new partners and creating an international network. Its business is carried out in four offices in Italy: Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo), Covo (Bergamo), Giussano (Monza and Brianza), all are less than one hour by train or by car from Milan, and Milan city. The experience gained over the years has enabled the Firm to extend its own activities to businesses and professionals of all sizes and geographic location.

On an international level, the Firm provides its services thanks to local partners present in the countries of interest such as Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the Russian Federation, Japan, Qatar, the Republic of China, Singapore and Switzerland. All services are carried out directly or under the supervision of associates or partners of the Firm.


Over the years the Firm has expanded its area of operation into various sectors both in the traditional business areas and in the evolved role activity of Chartered Accountants.

  • Corporate area

    Expert advice is provided in all stages in the life of the company.
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  • Financial statements and audits

    The Firm provides advice and assistance in the preparation of financial statements of companies.
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  • Extraordinary operations

    The Firm assists its clients in operations.
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  • Taxation and tax litigation

    The Firm provides advice and assistance in matters of taxation.
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  • Business strategy

    continuous advice is provided to the entrepreneur who wants to improve the performance of his company.
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  • Internationalisation

    Is provided directly by the associates and partners with the scope of accompanying Italian companies.
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  • Management and administration control

    The Firm is able to provide all management control tools.
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  • Development, training and coaching of company management

    Often the reason for the decline in a company’s performance is due to organisational issues.
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  • Administrative, fiscal and statutory obligations

    Provides the following services.
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  • Personnel management and payrolls

    The Firm offers a personnel management service to its clients.
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  • Contractual consultancy

    The Firm is able to assist its clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts.
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  • Evaluation of companies and shareholdings

    The Firm deals with the evaluation of companies and shareholdings in any type of company.
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  • Company restructuring and assistance in bankruptcy proceedings

    The Firm supports clients in evaluations and negotiations with the purpose of restructuring companies.
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  • Non−profit entities

    The Firm is able to assist Non-commercial entities in general.
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  • Wills, successions, generational transitions

    The Firm provides advice on inheritance matters in general,
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Studio Austoni Pizzetti

  • Covo (BG) – sede legale – via Trieste 21 – 24050
  • Romano di Lombardia (BG) – via G.B. Rubini 12 – 24058
  • Giussano (MB) – viale Brianza 12 – 20833
  • Milano (MI) – piazza IV Novembre 4 – 20124 (su appuntamento)